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Pedro Arantes
Pedro Arantes
New newsletter format, audience, and cognitive bias.

Newsletter V1
Here is my new newsletter format. My goal is to improve my learning path, share, and have fun. Every week I choose a topic to study that I convert into notes and maybe an article. Then, I use these posts to create the newsletter.
Besides the main topic, I’ll also share a tweet because it will force me to tweet more. One of my goals is to create personal branding, and Twitter is the best social media to do this.
Finally, the last section of the newsletter is a note that I wrote to activate the spacing effect. You have to revise concepts of any subject you’re studying in spaced-out study sessions to start this effect.
Pedro Arantes 🌹
Your followers have a delay in knowing what you do. Because of this, you should also post about what you're doing.
Some time ago, I had a marketing class focusing on Instagram. The teacher said that you need to constantly tell what you do because your followers delay knowing it. For example, suppose you’re a photographer and change your career to a computer scientist. In that case, your followers will take some months to disassociate your image as a photographer and associate as a computer scientist.
Spacing Effect
Cognitive Bias
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Pedro Arantes
Pedro Arantes @arantespp

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